About Schatz Forensic

Schatz Forensic is a forensic technology firm specialising in solving complex computer evidence related problems.

Our expertise in computer forensics, electronic discovery & disclosure and internet security incident response enables our clients to employ otherwise hidden evidence in digital devices ranging from mobile phones to computers; to assure that evidence produced in disputes is reliable; and to turn complex computer related evidence into simply explained, independent, and credible testimony.

Biography - Dr. Bradley Schatz

computer forensics, computer forensics expert, electronic discovery, expert witness An internationally recognised authority in digital forensics, Dr Bradley Schatz is the director of the independent digital forensics consultancy Schatz Forensic. The first private practice practitioner in Australia to hold a PhD in Digital Forensics, Dr Schatz divides his time between private practice and research exclusively in that area.

Expert Witness Computer Forensic Consulting

Dr Schatz provides forensic expertise primarily to the legal sector, as a trusted resource in matters ranging from fabricated documents to theft of intellectual property, and from software theft to cybercrime response; and all other matters related to digital evidence. Dr Schatz has provided expert evidence in civil litigation and criminal defence matters in Federal, Supreme, and Magistrates Courts, and tribunals, in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.

In 2008, Dr Schatz was appointed Adjunct Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), where he supervises doctoral students, leads research in the area of digital forensics, and occasionally lectures. Dr Schatz has published widely on various issues related to the intersection of technology and the law, including the practice and methodology of digital forensics, evidence management and analytic techniques. Dr Schatz is the author or co-author of 13 peer reviewed academic research papers and two book chapters in the field of digital forensics, including the Digital Evidence chapter of Freckelton & Selby's "Expert Evidence", available online via Westlaw AU and Thomson Legal Online.

Prior to establishing Schatz Forensic in 2009, Dr Schatz worked for 13 years in software development, systems management, integration and computer forensics in Australia and the United Kingdom, providing consulting, systems security and software development services. He has worked in industries such as banking, entertainment and health.

He sits on the Editorial Board of the journal "Digital Investigation: the International Journal of Digital Forensics"; the longest standing peer reviewed journal in the field, and the Review Panels of two international peer reviewed conferences related to computer forensics. Dr Schatz is regularly invited to deliver seminars and training, both locally and internationally.

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