Computer Forensics Experts

Schatz Forensic is a forensic technology firm specialising in solving complex computer evidence related problems.

Our expertise in computer forensics, electronic discovery & disclosure and internet security incident response enables our clients to employ otherwise hidden evidence in digital devices ranging from mobile phones to computers; to assure that evidence produced in disputes is reliable; and to turn complex computer related evidence into simply explained, independent, and credible testimony.

Schatz Forensic is headed up by an internationally recognised computer forensics expert and leader in the field, Dr. Bradley Schatz. He is the first private practice practitioner in Australia to hold a Doctorate in Digital Forensics.

Dr. Schatz has provided forensic expertise to companies, solicitors, barristers, and individuals, as a trusted resource in matters ranging from fabricated documents to theft of intellectual property, online defamation to recovery of destroyed information, workplace fraud to cyber crime investigations; and all other matters related to digital evidence.

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